Knocturnal Maddness

  Houston's Thrash Metal Band


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Knocturnal Maddness was formed in 2005.  Based out of Houston, Texas and looking to take Texas by storm one venue at a time, Knocturnal Maddness has been making waves throughout Texas.  The style of old school Metal became its main goal; with the Metal that was playing at the time, the band felt it wanted to bring back metal the way they heard it as kids, keeping some of the new style of today’s music but with an old school feel.  While there have been some changes within the band, Knocturnal Maddness is now performing with its original members.


Knocturnal Maddness was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” during the Maxima Distorzion Music Awards in 2012.  It has played in major concerts like Hell Fest in Dallas, Texas; Rock the Bayou in Houston, Texas; Dime Fest in Houston, Texas; and South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.  The band has also been invited to play numerous other venues in Dallas, San Antonio, Bryan, Austin and other small towns in Texas.  Knocturnal Maddness is also one of the most requested bands to play for other local bands’ CD release parties.  Knocturnal Maddness has become a well-respected band in the Houston area.


Knocturnal Maddness released its first full length CD in March 2012 with hits such as: Armageddon, Hitman, Knocturnal Maddness, Devastation, Evil Woman, Look What You’ve Done, Pressure, Stand, Blood Pit and War Party.  “Our music is a cross between Iron Maiden and Motorhead”, a force to be reckoned with and a stage presence no one likes to follow.  In June 2015, Knocturnal Maddness joined forces with Power Back Productions.


Knocturnal Maddness was founded by Frank Rodriguez and Santos Sanchez as a cover band.  After going through a few musicians and a few name changes, they decided to stay with “Knocturnal Maddness”.  Rick Noyola, the bass player, invited Hector Perez to a practice and Hector was asked to be the sound guy.  Before the final lineup was finalized, drummers were being sought and Hector moved to drums for approximately a year.  The band was in search of a particular drummer but had not been able to locate him.  After a year of searching for him, Anthony DeLeon joined the band as the drummer.  At the time Anthony joined, Rick left the band due to personal reasons and Hector moved to bass.  The lineup was finalized.  The sound was so intense that they left fans in awe at every show.  If you listen to their music you will also feel the “Maddness”.


Knocturnal Maddness has and will always stay true to their music and fans.  They are grateful for the fan base they have.  Some call our fans “Soldiers of the Night”, but most just say they are “KnocMadd”. 


Knocturnal Maddness members are as follows:


Vocals:          Andrew “Maddness” Rodriguez

Bass:             Hector “Animal Rocker” Perez

Guitar:           Frank “Rockin” Rodriguez

Drums:          Anthony “The Lion” De Leon